Why Bridal Point beats the Competition?

No large minimums like many other companies who require at least 5,000 prints of your mailer. Is there really a need to mail 5,000 prints of your Direct Mailer when really there are only a few hundred qualified leads in your area that really need to be targeted?

Continuous Direct Mailing Coverage for 12 months*. Unlike other companies who send out Direct Mailers in one huge session, we are constantly updating our database with new leads and sending out mailers on your behalf as soon as those leads meet your criteria. Mailers are able to be sent out 260 days a year rather than once.

Targeted Coverage – Other companies have demographics who only specify newly weds within a huge geographic area. Our system allows even more targeted filtering to select exactly the future bride you want with the ability to specify a targeted geographic radius to your business and other specifications such as budget, amount of attendees, and wedding date.

* The time span of Continuous Direct Marketing coverage depends on when your maximum amount of Direct Mailers have been exhausted.

Why Direct Mail Works:

With the over-run amount of emails and ads people see a day there is only one true fact, Direct Mail is still king.

Reason # 1: It works when you’re not Like the old saying goes, “In rain, sleet, or snow” the mail arrives. Whether you’re sleeping, vacationing, working, or walking, your direct mail is working for you. It gives your best sales presentation over and over again without you having to be present.

Reason # 2: It leverages your efforts Do you want to know how to waste your time? Give your best sales presentation to one person at a time. If you do this, you’ll only sell one widget at a time. Send out thousands of letters and your best sales pitch is being presented to thousands of people simultaneously. That’s called “leverage!”

Reason # 3: Allows you to target with precision Instead of “spraying and praying” your message to people who may or may not be interested or even qualified to take advantage of your offer, direct mail allows you to pinpoint the people who fit your psychographic, demographic, and geographic profile.

Reason # 4: You get an immediate response Once you send out your direct mail piece it doesn’t take long to get a response. Within one to two weeks you’ll receive about 80 percent to 90 percent of all those who are going to respond. If your campaign works, you’ll know about it quickly. If it’s a bomb, you’ll that quickly as well.

Reason # 5: It’s easy to track your return on investment If you’re a small business owner you can’t afford to waste a single penny on wasteful marketing. With direct mail marketing you can code your mail pieces to determine the exact number of responses you received from each campaign.

And as I said before, the results of your direct mail campaign come back fast, so once you know what worked and what didn’t, you can immediately start to “tweak” your mail piece to increase your response and hold your marketing dollars accountable.

Reason # 6: It’s relatively inexpensive With just $.34 (at the time of this writing) you can send out a direct mail piece that includes your full marketing message. It is amazing what you can get into a small business size envelope and keep under the $.34 limit. Photos, newspaper articles, letters, special reports, and more can be put in these envelopes for under $.34. This means you can reach 100 target prospects for only $34. Comparatively speaking, that’s a bargain!

Reason # 7: It gets one-on-one attention One of the best things about direct mail is that it gets one-on-one attention from your target prospect. Unlike billboards or radio and television commercials that get your attention while two to three other things also have your attention. Direct mail is opened one piece at a time and read one piece at a time. It gives you the best chance of catching your prospect’s attention and keeping it for a period of time.